Being an artist in uncertain times: an exploration of creativity in lockdown, 2020. Available to read via ARC.

Circular Ruins: A Heuristic Approach to Material Inquiry, 2017. Available to read via ARC.

Elbow Room Vol. 20. Published by As Yet Untitled (Previously Elbow Room), 2018.

Palm Protector, 2018. Published  by Sampson Low Ltd, 2018. Available from Sampson Low or contact artist directly.

A Brief Contemplation On The Notion Of Counterparts, 2016. Available to read via ARC.

Fragments and Traces: Evocations of absence in the work of Cai Guo-Qiang, Ana Mendieta and Doris Salcedo, 2014.

Fragments, 2014. A self-published collection of poetry available on Blurb.