Artist Statement

There are various themes underpinning the creative process, absence, transience, light, sculpture, transcendence, being. All themes that bring about a sense of the spiritual and desire to define it.

In his book The Twilight of Atheism, Alister McGrath challenges the place of religion in contemporary society; he echoes one fundamental question in particular that has since preoccupied my thoughts on religion and in turn, art, “is there something about the human nature that impels it to seek the spiritual? To press beyond the boundaries of the tangible?”

Time has been spent moving from a place of creating seemingly abstract objects that allude to notions of the spiritual to working with found objects, reclaimed for their subtle spiritual value and exploring how subtle aesthetic changes question their functionality with relation to the sacred in contemporary art.


Testing objects, materials and their placement is fundamental to the questioning of our existence and an inquiry into transience within such practice. Previous works and writings have explored the idea of absence being shamanic, both literally and within the work, placing the work within a liminal space between being tranquil and being melancholic; the work is deeply contemplative and subtly spiritually driven.